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Welcome to RedBlock Mastering.

We provide very high quality analogue and digital mastering at very reasonable prices, either in person in Central Scotland or via internet delivery.

Redblock Mastering is operated by Sound Engineer Kenny MacLeod, having many years of experience in music production, broadcast sound and live events. Check out some of our past clients to see a sample of our previous work.


Analogue & Digital Mastering.

We have the analogue mastering tools to bring your digital or analogue mixes to life. In the days of “in the box digital mixing” we have the analogue tools to give your mixes that extra magic that you cant achieve with software alone. We have some of the best tube and solid state equalisers and compressors with high end analogue to digital and digital to analogue convertors. All our analogue processing is ultimately fed through our Neve 8816 summing mixer.

As well as high quality analogue processing we have some of the best digital look ahead limiters and essential software tools. Most processing is carried out at 32 bit floating point at your sessions native resolution for maximum dynamic range and quality.

San Francisco


We provide separate versions of your master for CD / digital release / vinyl cutting, and if required, HD digital versions for Audiophile Downloads and to fulfill Apple’s “Mastered for Itunes” guidelines.

Your files can be delivered on PMCD with DDP Images for replication and high quality audio files for digital delivery.


Restoration & Format Transfers.

We have access to various legacy digital formats from Tascam DTRS ( DA38 DA88 ) and Alesis Adat through to Minidisc, DAT and various analogue domestic formats like VHS, and Cassette tape formats.

If required we can transfer analogue tapes from almost every tape format including 1/2” and 1/4” into the digital realm, providing you with a finished master on digital or laying back to analog tape.